Thu. Jul 19th, 2018

ESPN To Get More Involved In Breaking WWE News

Earlier this week, ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman broke the news of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins being injured in Dublin, Ireland which caused him to have to vacate his title. WWE gave credit to ESPN for providing the scoop.


On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez confirmed that there will be more ESPN breaking news stories on the WWE in the future with WWE continuing to provide credit. This is one of the components of the agreement that has been struck between the two companies, in addition to wrestlers appearing on SportsCenter on Tuesday night’s.

While other ESPN announcers could get involved, expect Jonathan Coachman to be the central figure to help promote both brands. Reports also indicate that ESPN is planning for the first time ever to provide in-depth coverage from WrestleMania 32 which takes place in April in Dallas at AT&T Stadium.

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