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PASR031: Jon Goulet – Fox Sports Radio


“My theory has always been, if your show is at its best when your host isn’t talking, then your show might not be that good.” – Jon Goulet

There are a good many people that come to this podcast having been a lifetime lover of the radio format.  That’s exactly what Jon Goulet is.

He knocked down doors and said yes to every opportunity radio gave him.

It landed him with Colin Cowherd, and the bond was so tight, Cowherd hired him…Twice.

We talk about Goulet’s rise to being the right hand man for Cowherd and what a day behind the scenes is like every day at his show.

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  • Jon lets us know how he realized he had a passion for sports radio. [1:03]
  • Did Jon have a desire to be something else other than a producer in sports radio? [2:45]
  • When did Jon realize that being a producer for a sports talk show can be more than a job, and actually a career? [5:05]
  • Jon takes us through his journey from a part time Production Assistant to working with Colin for the first time. [6:25]
  • Jon takes us through his typical morning, from the time he’s out of bed, to air time. [9:46]
  • Jon gives us an example of ideas that were crafted by him and his team, that he believed was not going to be spoken about anywhere else. [11:55]
  • What would Jon say his biggest role is before the microphones are switched on? [15:12]
  • In what ways is Colin misunderstood? [19:25]
  • Jon lets us in on his biggest strength as a producer. [21:14]
  • Jon gives us an example where he had to be blunt as a producer. [22:13]
  • What’s Jon’s biggest weakness? [23:38]
  • Is it uncomfortable for Jon when he’s the only one who has worked with the guy who is running the ship previously? [25:18]
  • Jon gives us the biggest differences between ESPN and FOX. [27:00]
  • Has there been a philosophy about the show to pull more pop culture into the show? [28:24]
  • What’s Jon’s biggest pet peeve of other sports radio shows? [30:17]




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Want to hear some bonus audio that didn’t air during this episode? Here’s more with Jon Goulet.

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