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Fox Demonstrates Class In Handling Volquez Story

As far as Joe Buck is concerned, if Fox had decided to report on the death of Edinson Volquez’s father’s early in Game 1 of the World Series, “Then we stink. We have absolutely no discretion.”

Instead, the network, at the request of the Royals pitcher’s family, withheld the information from its audience Tuesday until after Volquez had left the game following the sixth inning.

He subsequently departed for the Dominican Republic but is expected to rejoin the team for Game 3 in New York Friday.

ESPN Deportes first reported just before game time the death of Volquez’s father, Daniel, at 63, which prompted much internal discussion at Fox, including input from two key members with print journalism backgrounds in analyst Tom Verducci and reporter Ken Rosenthal.

It was Fox’s understanding that Volquez did not know what had happened, and it feared him finding out from a TV in the clubhouse.

“We made the decision,” producer Pete Macheska said before Game 2 Wednesday night. “I wouldn’t want to find out that way, it’s as simple as that. And if there was any chance that someone would find out in the clubhouse and they let him know, well, there’s no chance [we would risk that].

“If he finds out on his phone on somebody else’s thing, it’s off my watch. I don’t want that on our shoulders . . . I want no part of that.”

Rosenthal did discuss the news on his Twitter feed but did not go on the air with it until after he had been told that Volquez had been informed.

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