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ESPN Parts Ways With Veteran Producer Gus Ramsey

After 21 years at ESPN, veteran producer Gus Ramsey has been let go as part of the network’s announced layoffs.

Ramsey joined the network in 1994 as a producer of the overnight show, and during the course of his career, advanced inside the company, earning opportunities as a producer on SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight among others.

He said “Over my time in Bristol I have been blessed to work with so many talented people, both on air and behind the scenes. I thank all of them. The anchors, analysts, producers, directors, production staff, the researchers, news editors, assignment desk workers, talent bookers, TDs, ADs and all the others who contribute every day. As a producer you walk in the door every day with a vision for what your show will be, but it takes dozens and dozens of people to help you execute that vision. It’s hard work, but it’s incredibly rewarding when everyone gets on the same page and it goes well. In my 20+ years the successes far outweighed the non-successes (I refuse to call them failures) and that would not have been possible without the efforts of so many talented people.”

Ramsey continued “When I first started producing SportsCenter, a weird sensation came over me. I realized I could never watch the show the way I had over the 15 years before I got there. I had peeked behind the curtain. There was no turning back. The wonderment of being a fan was gone. Now, all these years later, I’ll be watching it differently again. I’ll always be proud of the mark I made. I’ll always be glad for the friendships I’ve made. It will always be an honor to have “ESPN 1994-2015” on my resume.”

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