Sun. Jul 15th, 2018

Brian Cushing’s Wife Upset with Houston Talk Show Host

Megan Cushing, the wife of Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, wasn’t about to let a Houston sports talk radio host criticize her husband’s teammates without at least some objection.

Our friend Nick Wright, who hosts locally for 610 Sports in Houston and CBS Sports Radio nationally on the weekends, was critical of Texans tight end Garrett Graham while watching the team get destroyed by the Atlanta Falcons Sunday. He posted a perfectly fair opinion/criticism, but Cushing did not appreciate it and told him so:


Wright then followed up with a legitimate question, asking Cushing what a respectful way is to criticize a player. Cushing didn’t respond, but things got semi-awkward when Graham’s wife Ericka stepped in and encouraged everyone to share a group hug.

The exchange just goes to show that it is easy to criticize when there are no consequences, but it’s an entirely different thing when you know people are listening or following what you say. Oh, and Mrs. Cushing probably should stay above the fray even though watching the Texans get crushed is frustrating.

Credit to Larry Brown Sports who originally published this article

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