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Whitlock Looking To Leave ESPN

Just two years after Jason Whitlock was hired away from Fox Sports by ESPN, the controversial sports writer might be returning to his old network.

According to Sports Business Daily, he’s already had preliminary discussions to join Fox Sports 1, the network’s still fledgling yet growing sports channel.

Not only would this be a return to Fox, it would be his second departure from ESPN. In 2006, he was fired for making disparaging remarks about two journalists employed by the network, Mike Lupica and Scoop Jackson. His second stint was far different, however, as he was initially tapped to create a site known as The Undefeated, which would cover the intersection of sports and race, among other things. He was removed from that project, even though it was created for him, in June.

Whitlock would become the fourth high profile talent to leave ESPN this summer, after Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd and Keith Olbermann all parted ways with the company. Speaking of Simmons, who is set to start a new gig for HBO this fall, he resurfaced Monday to announce the return of his uber-popular podcast.

Credit to the Washington Post who originally published this article