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Harp To Lead 930AM In Jacksonville

Seth Harp loves challenges and he has found a big one. Harp is the new Program Director and Afternoon Drive Host at Sports Radio 930 in Jacksonville, FL.

“Sports Radio 930 was the big player in Jacksonville until budget issues a few years ago,” says Harp. “It’s the chance to resurrect a historically great brand. Being able to essentially program the station and host the afternoon drive show we can constantly gear the station to what’s best for the listener and bottom line.”

Harp has been a Host/PD for the past seven years. From 2009 to 2010 he was at ESPN Radio in Charleston, SC. Since then, he has been at ESPN in Savannah, GA.

Hosting and programming are both full-time jobs. Harp nimbly juggles them both through organization and detail.

“I try to plan out each day by the hour,” Harp says. “From 9-10AM I work on imaging, 10AM-11AM meetings and promotions. 11AM – Noon sales concepts and executable events. I always have my notepad and I am always writing everything down. It’s meticulous but it is the only way to make sure the engine stays running.”

Harp started his radio career in 1994 in Auburn, IN. He has also made stops in Kalamazoo, MI, Lincoln, NE, Huntsville, AL and Mobile, AL. In Jacksonville, he is working in a PPM market for the first time and programming his show accordingly.

“Jacksonville is a phenomenal city. It deserves intelligent, entertaining and relevant sports talk.”

Credit to STAA Talent who originally published this article