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Regner Misses Detroit Airwaves

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a decade since Art Regner was one of the must-listens on the sports-talk radio scene.

It was late in 2006 that WXYT 1270 cut just about everybody making six figures, including Regner.

And that, amazingly, was the last time Regner had a full-time job on Metro Detroit radio — even as 97.1 The Ticket has blossomed into ratings royalty, and even as Detroit Sports 105.1 joined the market in August 2013.

Regner’s phone has stayed mostly silent all these years.

And it’s rather hard to believe.

Welcome to the never-know-what-tomorrow-holds world of sports-talk radio.

“Most guys in radio, except for a few, drive into the station each day not knowing if that’ll be their last day,” Regner said.

“I’m still jonesing to do on-air stuff.”

Regner still keeps busy, and still has a voice in the market — it’s just that his die-hard fans now have to work a little harder to seek out his voice, particularly for his strength, his takes on the Red Wings.

He often fills in for Matt Shepard on WDFN 1130, he does an hour-long Red Wings podcast with USA Today’s Kevin Allen — they started during the playoffs, and episode No. 24 is due out this week — and he does a Michigan podcast with longtime Detroit sports-talk host Gregg Henson, who’s now working in Pittsburgh.

Also, recently, Regner was hired by WDET 101.9 to produce a pair of shows, including Detroit Today, hosted by the Free Press’ Stephen Henderson, while the regular producer is on maternity leave.

But while the regular paycheck, at least for the summer, has to be nice, there’s not much sports at all on WDET, which has to be a killer for a guy who made his name around here with his famous rants on the lowly Lions, plus his inside-info scoops on all things Red Wings.

After being let go from WXYT 1270 in 2006, Regner, 57, hopped over to WDFN to start doing some guest-hosting in spring 2007, and has bounced around the airwaves ever since, though never really under the umbrella of a contract.

He recently left his gig at, where Regner wrote Red Wings columns and did videos — albeit columns and videos that appeared to be toned down, as FSD is the TV partner of the Red Wings. If you know Regner, he doesn’t really pull off “toned down” all that well.

Regner enjoyed the time at FSD, but knew it was time to go. His heart, after all, remains in radio, even if radio isn’t calling too much these days.

“I’m still holding out hope,” said Regner, “because it beats working for a living.”

Credit to the Detroit News who originally published this article

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