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Sports Radio To The Apple Watch?

The recently released Apple Watch has had developers scrambling to create apps for this new frontier of a platform. Sports apps are of course included in the litany of apps that are being tailored to work on Apple’s latest hardware. One app in particular that may be flying under the radar and yet may still be of great use to sports fans is Simple Radio.

This app is created by Streema Inc. and it allows Apple Watch wearers to listen to their favorite radio station from around the world with a single tap. It offers 25,000 international stations and users can access them easily without even creating an account. On top of the ease of use, Simple Radio allows users to record certain songs or moments that can be replayed at a later time and users can also move from device to device and pick up where they left off..

Richard Monte, Streema CEO told SportTechie that he believes “Simple Radio is the simplest solution for mobile and wearable radio listening.” He also talked about how Simple Radio has become so popular because it is so much easier than listening to radio the old fashion way.

This app could be very useful for sports fans because of the simplicity of simply tapping on their watch and because fans will be able to access so many different sports so quickly. Monte added, “Simple Radio connects sports fans to radio stations around the globe that broadcast: soccer, basketball, baseball, cricket, American football, hockey, golf, and more,”

Monte also hit the nail on the head when he said, “Simple Radio is a window into foreign sports that aren’t available in your home country.” This is a great opportunity for fans to take advantage of the freedoms, from a consumer standpoint, that radio has to offer. Meaning, this Apple Watch app can help fans discover new sports and allow them to stay updated on their favorite league or team no matter their location.

This move is the first for Streema Inc., which is ranked as the third most popular terrestrial radio tuner on the US iTunes store. They have looked to expand in to this space after having success with their web services and mobile apps.

The app has gotten an average rating of 4.5 stars and the simplicity along with the wide variety of news, music, sports, and talk shows could make this a useful app for Apple Watch users.

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