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Leonsis Takes Aim At Dukes In DC

Chad Dukes and Santana Moss were broadcasting live at Velocity 5 on 11.18.14 Photos by: The 106.7 The Fan Street Team

With the Wizards coming off an unprecedented 4-0 sweep of the Toronto Raptors and the Capitals facing a Game 7 on Monday night with a coach who’s never been there before, what’s Monumental Sports owner Ted Leonsis blogging about? Radio shows, of course!

In a post that spans three entirely different topics in just six paragraphs, Theodore takes aim at WJFK-FM personality Chad Dukes, adding armchair radio program director to his already impressive resume as a sports franchise owner. It seems this has been bothering him all weekend.

“On Friday, in drive time rush hour radio, from 500 pm to 600 pm, on 106.7 FM, the conversation wasn’t about the Wizards upcoming game, it was about bacon and potato casserole recipes, and favorite Seinfeld episodes. Is there any other market in America that sports talk radio converses about Seinfeld in drive time on the night of an NBA playoff game? Or the night before a big away Caps playoff game? Perhaps this is why Wizards and Caps fans don’t tune in? These kids today.”

— Ted Leonsis, via

There are multiple factors to consider here. Most importantly, the Wizards are a broadcast partner with CBS Radio, which includes 106.7 The Fan. So criticizing the programming decisions of one show at a station that is paying you to broadcast games is strange.

Secondly, to Dukes’s credit, it wasn’t like he hadn’t discussed the two local teams earlier in the show. He had the radio announcers of both of Leonsis’s teams on to talk about both sports. In the first hour, no less. So criticism that implies a media outlet is responsible for whether or not people are tuned in to his team is not only off-base, but incorrect.

The basic fact of the matter is that Dukes, a radio host, is looking to entertain and gain ratings. Last time I checked, bacon is delicious and“Seinfeld” still is quite popular in reruns. Meaning, if you talk about it, people will listen and call in. The purpose of a radio station, or any media outlet for that matter, is not to simply trumpet the interests of the people they cover. To imply that sports fans are not watching a team on television because the people on the radio aren’t talking about the games at all times just makes zero sense.

Most bizarre though, is Leonsis’s sign off. “These kids today” is a pretty odd shot at a guy who has established himself as a huge proponent of local sports. Not to mention the fact that Dukes is 36 years old. This all seems like just an example Leonsis’s apparent insecurities about still being second fiddle to Dan Snyder’s team from a popularity standpoint.

Speaking of whom, if Ted wants a station that talks all Monumental Sports all the time, he can do what Snyder did. Just buy his own.

Credit to the Washington Post who originally published this article

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