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ESPN 980 Pulls Plug On Local Show

A reliable source tells DCRTV that there is “serious drama” involving the new “Man Cave” show on Red Zebra sports talker ESPN 980, WTEM. And it won’t debut Monday morning, as scheduled. In fact, we’re told, the show will never air on the station.

Apparently, Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who also owns Red Zebra and WTEM, or someone else within Snyder’s organization has a grudge against former Washington Post sports columnist Jason Reid, who was to be paired with DC radio veteran Chris Paul.¬†We’re also hearing about a related management shake-up at WTEM, with Program Director Chuck Sapienza getting fired.

Sources tell DCRTV that ESPN 980, which airs ESPN Radio’s syndicated “Mike And Mike” in mornings, was never competitive in that key daypart with the “Sports Junkies,” which air on rival CBS sports talker WJFK, 106.7 The Fan. And that WTEM’s management wanted a locally-based morning show that would focus on the large African-American male demographic in the DC area.

A station insider tells DCRTV that the last-minute demise of the “Man Cave” is “a total disaster. Last week, Jason and Chris attended our sales meeting and we talked about how this move was a game changer for the radio station and the company. Here we are one week later and we have no morning show and no program director. Sapienza stood up for his guys and it cost him his job. We have no idea who’s calling the shots at the station.”

Credit to DCRTV who originally published this article


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