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Ellis Announces WIP Exit

As expected, Rob Ellis is leaving WIP. After Anthony Gargano and the radio station couldn’t come to terms on a new agreement, Ellis was moved to evenings to make room for Josh Innes and Tony Bruno in afternoon drive.

“You’ll be seeing me, you’ll be hearing me,” Ellis said, although he did not disclose his destination, which he said would be disclosed Wednesday. “I’m not thrilled about some of the things that have gone down” at the station, Ellis added, referring to his move from afternoons to evenings earlier this year.

You will be seeing him, and probably hearing him, too. It’s expected that, Comcast will name Ellis as one of the co-hosts of the new sports-themed Breakfast On Broad, which will air on The Comcast Network. Rumors indicate that he will be paired alongside Jillian Mele.

Credit to Crossing Broad who originally published this article

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