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106.7 The Fan Mocks Daniel Snyder

“The Man Cave” — a new morning drive program co-hosted by Chris Paul and former Washington Post columnist Jason Reid — did not make its planned debut Monday on ESPN 980. “Mike & Mike,” which was scheduled to move to ESPN 980′s sister station, SportsTalk 570, aired on 980 instead. Steve Czaban’s syndicated show aired on 570.

As Dan Steinberg previously reported, one person at Redskins Park said the widespread perception was that top Redskins officials were miffed by the hiring of Reid, a sometimes harsh critic of the team in recent years. Redskins owner Daniel Snyder also owns ESPN 980, which broadcasts the team’s games. It’s unclear if those factors contributed to “The Man Cave” not debuting as planned.

Meanwhile, 106.7 The Fan took advantage of the news to mock its rival station and play up its own “uncensored” coverage with three pre-recorded spots on Monday morning. Listen to the spots, which aired during “The Sports Junkies” and “Grant & Danny” on 106.7 The Fan, below:

“No man caves, no mandates, and no Mr. Snyder signing the checks. Just D.C. sports talk all day. Unbiased, unfiltered, uncensored. 106.7 The Fan.”

Plus there’s this promo that has been airing on the radio station.

“Somewhere deep inside his man cave in Potomac, a diminutive billionaire tunes his trusty AM radio to 980 to listen to his favorite sports radio station. The station where he signs the checks and calls the shots. But meddle as he may, Mr. Snyder cannot control the sports discussion in Washington. For there is a station on crystal-clear FM, where fans of all genders and ages can talk freely about the Redskins. Where the Nationals, Wizards and Capitals actually exist. And you found that station. Unbiased, unfiltered, uncensored, sports radio 106.7 The Fan.”

Many of ESPN 980′s current hosts, including Brian Mitchell, have been critical of how the Redskins have been run. The Sports Junkies suggested during Monday’s show that “The Man Cave” not debuting as planned proved that ESPN 980′s hosts can’t be truly objective.

Credit to the Washington Post who originally published this article

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