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Missanelli Tweets Cause Uproar

The Giants got embarrassed on Sunday Night Football so the gossip rags in New York needed to stir up something to put on their front page. Philadelphia sports talk radio host Mike Missanelli provided the ammo.

Shortly after star Giants receiver Victor Cruz went down with a knee injury after dropping a would-be touchdown, the host of a popular drive-time show in Philly tweeted the following:

“Hey Giants fans: Victor Cruz is over. Dance to that.”

The tweet was later deleted and Missanelli posted a series of apologies saying he didn’t actually see Cruz get hurt. He was apparently leaving the stadium while it happened but saw it on the big screen outside as he walked to his car:

Again, I only saw him drop the ball on a big screen from the parking lot on my way to subway. I didn’t see that he got hurt on the play.

But then in a subsequent tweet he says he was walking to the subway:

I just saw on big screen outside stadium that he dropped the pass. Didn’t see that he got hurt on play. My bad.

And that he’d never have tweeted such a thing about an injury:

I apologize for the Cruz tweet. I didn’t see that he got hurt on the play. Was outside the stadium and saw he dropped it walking to my car.

The online version of the Daily News story includes the headline “Philly Cheese Jerk.” Do you take Missanelli at his word?

Also of note, the Eagles employee in the photo told Angelo Cataldi this morning that he was unfairly depicted, via CBS: “I just want to be clear. I don’t want to make it look bad for Philadelphia, especially me. I got to live with myself. It was fourth and two, which is an exciting play, the ball was overthrown and I just reacted like we just stopped them, so I was just cheering. As soon as I saw him [Cruz] hurt, we—everyone stopped cheering. I didn’t cheer for that.”

At least by all other accounts, the 69,000 or so fans in attendance at the Linc showed the proper amount of respect when the opposing player was clearly seriously injured.

For more visit CSN Philadelphia where this story was originally published.

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