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Sterling In At CBS Sports 1430

One person talks, and another listens.  One person reveals, and another evaluates.  One person says something funny, and another laughs.  One person shares perspective, and another thinks.  That’s radio.

It’s not quite that simple.  If you are like me, I talk back when I listen to the radio.  I look crazy as I drive, but that’s alright.  No one has ever gotten a ticket for talking to a radio.

For most of my life, I’ve wanted to host a talk radio show.  I’ve always worked in media, but have always felt that radio is the coolest of all because of the one-on-one intimacy between the two people on either end of the microphone and speaker.

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A twist and turn here and there, and my career path took me into talk radio management, and I loved the process of helping hosts succeed at a slightly higher level, enjoy their jobs a little more, and understand the amazing potential that exists during every moment the microphone is open.

I always felt that my life would be happier if I found myself behind a microphone instead of behind a desk, but if people thought I was an effective manager, who was I to argue.  The money was good, and there was definitely a thrill in hearing talent improve.

Eventually, each of us decides to either bet on ourselves or not.  We either go all in based on what we love or we settle for something to make ends meet and put food on the table for our families.  It took me some time, but when my wife and son were self-sufficient in the very best way, I figured the time was right and I pushed my chips in – at least some of them.

I talked to 1070 the Fan – the station I helped launch as program director over four years before – about the possibility of returning to host a weekend show with Fox 59 sports director Chris Hagan.  They agreed, and I got to see whether I would have the ability to sit behind a microphone for a couple of hours and be interested in what I said.

The most important battle hosts wage is in remaining fascinated by their own words.  If hosts are not somewhat compelled by their own words, there is no chance people in their cars will be.  After ending a year’s worth of shows with Chris on 1070 the Fan, I meant it when I told people those were the two best hours of my Saturday.

The management at CBS Sports 1430 in my hometown of Indianapolis asked if I would like to be their first local host, and I moved the rest of my chips to the middle of the table.  I love Indianapolis, sports, and have learned from some very smart people how to put together a show, so my yes was very enthusiastic.

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